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The key field of activities for the company "Balance Audit", which has been recognised and highly valued by many international companies, is to provide services such as legal assistance to defend customers' interests from supervisory, controlling and fiscal authorities.

One of the most significant factors affecting the tax burden to businessmen in Azerbaijan is the constantly changing tax treatment. It aggravates a strategic business planning effort. Unfortunately the legislation in the field of tax relations, commercial and labour relations are not oriented at asserting businessmen' rights.

"Balance Audit" is a leader in the market of analyses and tax planning of commercial activities in Azerbaijan. Tax specialists and lawyers working at "Balance Audit" have required knowledge, use a creative approach and quick in responding to the customers' needs, and this allows them to provide advises on complex business issues in Azerbaijan.

We conduct research on translation of applicable and recognised in Azerbaijan accounting and economic indicators into the format complying with the International Accounting Standards, GAAP and the format complying any particular investors or owners. Advantage of our methodology and approach is in making right decisions and that our methodology takes into account real situation in the market.

Since 1994 our personnel and specialists have been developing and improving a timely and useful project dedicated to issuing accounting and economic indicators following forward-looking purposes including guarantees to the interested parties by providing them with the translated accounting indicators for investment purposes.

The company employees with high level of creativity are able to conduct specially developed alternative researches in such fields as management, tax legislation and different problems of the financial management. It is possible due to certain techniques of developing marketing services followed by detailed financial analyses in the field of the market evolution and tendencies based on the experience gained as a result of the previously fulfilled jobs.

We treat with understanding the segmentation of the financial-economic information and other indicators affecting the final financial status of companies. That's why the audit of the financial information fulfilled by us can easily be translated into the statements in the format of the International Accounting Standards and GAAP.

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